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Flood Insurance In Texas

If you're buying a new home in Texas, you may be curious about whether you'll need flood insurance at your new location. Generally, your mortgage company will advise you if you'll be living in an area that is prone to flooding when you first buy your house. However, you can benefit from having a flood insurance policy even if you aren't in one of these areas. Having a flood policy will help give you a little more peace of mind and protect you in an unforeseen event. ProCo Insurance agents can help get you set up with a policy that covers all your needs.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that their general homeowner's policy covers flooding, but this isn't the case. Flood insurance policies are handled separately, and one is needed to cover your home in the event of a flood, regardless of where you're living. If you're not sure exactly what coverage you need or what's required to keep a policy in force, talking to an agent is always the right choice to make sure you're getting the coverage you want and protecting the important things to you.

If you are or will be living in Texas, reach out to us today to help you get the policy you need. Our agents are highly trained and dedicated to helping you make the best choices possible with your insurance policies. We're dedicated to providing quality insurance information, so you don't have to settle for a policy you're unsure about or one that doesn't cover everything you need just because you don't have all the information you'd like. At ProCo Insurance, we'll help you figure out exactly what policy you need and help you get set up with the coverage you deserve.

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