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Texas Dwelling & Landlord Insurance

Texas Dwelling and Landlord insurance protects property owners who rent out their properties. Whether you rent out units in a high-rise apartment complex, a low-rise multifamily building, or another type of housing, you need protection. A dwelling policy can provide this protection.

There are three basic forms of landlord insurance: DP-1, DP-2 and DP-3. Typical landlord package policies include dwelling and liability coverage.

DP-1 “Basic” Policy

DP-1 policies offer the bare minimum coverage. This is a good option for older homes or properties that may not qualify for other insurance types because of their condition. The policy covers specific damage such as fire, lightning and wind. The policy usually limits coverage to actual cash value (ACV) or replacement cost minus depreciation.

DP-2 “Broad” Policy

DP-2 policies are a bit more comprehensive. This type of insurance covers additional damage from such things as falling objects, water, and ice or snow.

DP-3 “Special” Policy

DP-3 policies are the most comprehensive and cover all perils. This type of policy provides the most protection. No matter what happens to your property, you will have coverage.

Most dwelling policies include basic liability coverage, loss of rent, medical coverage and some landlord-owned content, such as appliances.

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