Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance In Texas

Having enough insurance is important for most people to have peace of mind. When you have very little coverage in one area, you aren't as well-protected as you could be. Getting more insurance to cover those low-coverage amounts can be done by getting an umbrella insurance policy. If you're interested in umbrella coverage, contact us at ProCo Insurance in Texas and learn more about this coverage type.

Accidents in the Home and Vehicle

Accidents in vehicles are well-known as a danger to drivers both physically and financially. However, accidents that happen in the home can be just as risky financially. If you were to have an accident that was judged to be your fault, you would have to pay for those injured's medical bills. However, the amount of liability coverage required in Texas is relatively low. A serious accident would max out the coverage and leave you to pay the rest. The same is true of a third party becoming injured in your home. A serious accident is no match for the small amount of liability coverage that comes with home insurance.

Umbrella Insurance Policies

So, how can an umbrella policy help you with these low liability coverage amounts? You have extra liability coverage over and above the amounts included in your home and auto insurance policies. When you are liable for medical bills, your home or auto policy, depending on where the accident happens, pays up to its maximum payout. After that, your umbrella policy swoops in to pay the overage up to a maximum payout that is much higher. It allows you to get those bills paid without being sued or having to cover them out of pocket.

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